Recipes from the Romagna tradition with Peaches and Nectarines.

Peaches cooled in Albana Spumante from Romagna


1 mature and scented peach; 
a glass of Albana dolce (sweet) Romagna Spumante DOCG; 
sugar and ice.


Peel the peach, take out the stone and cut it into 1 cm thick slices; place the slices in a glass of cold Spumante di Romagna DOCG; sprinkle with a spoon of caster sugar. Let the aromas blend in the fridge for about an hour, and serve with three cubes of ice.

Caramelised Romagna Peaches


300 g of sugar
5 spoons of water
1 kg of not too mature peaches.


Make the caramel by putting the sugar on a low to medium heat with two spoons of water.

When the sugar has taken on a liquid consistency and it has become golden, remove it from the heat and add the peeled peaches, which have been cut into rather wide wedges. Stir the fruit delicately in the caramel with a spoon and serve warm or cooled.

Traditional recipes with Romagna peaches and nectarines.

Cooked Peaches with a cinnamon aroma


2 kg of mature peaches
150 g of sugar
the rind of half a lemon
flakes of cinnamon


Put the peeled peaches that have been pitted and cut into wedges in a large saucepan to boil. The water must be enough to cover the fruit. Add the sugar and lemon rind. Boil for about 7 minutes; take the peaches out, put them in individual bowls, and sprinkle with cinnamon. The peaches must boil in such a way as to remain whole.

Filled peaches


6 “spicca” peaches; large and not very ripe; 
4 small savoiardi (ladyfingers)
80 g of sugar
50 g of sweet almonds
10 g of candied citron fruit or orange
half a glass of white wine.


Cut the peaches in two, take out the stones and widen the pits where the stones were with the tip of a knife, add the flesh that comes away to the peeled almonds that have been finely ground, along with 50 g of sugar. To this mixture add the crumbled ladyfingers, and lastly, the candied fruit chopped into tiny cubes. With this mixture fill the pits of the twelve half peaches, and put them into a baking dish (with the filling upwards) along with the white wine and the remaining 30 g of sugar. Cook in the oven and serve warm or cold, as you prefer; dress with the juice. The peaches are ready when the filling has formed a light crust on the surface.


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